Clean out Congress |

Clean out Congress


There is less than one month left before Election Day. It is time to clean the House and the Senate. Our first Tea Party was 237 years ago in December of 1773, which eventually gave us our independence three years later. So let’s make Nov. 2 the day of America’s second Tea Party. It is time to retire those politicians who believe that government owes them a living. Regardless of party labels we need to send people to Washington D.C. who will fight for the preservation of our Constitution. The power that created our big government in Washington, D.C. needs to be returned to the individual states, as outlined in the Constitution.

Our founding fathers were a forward looking people with a clear vision for America. Our leaders of today have no vision for the future of our country. They are burdening future generations with trillions of dollars of debt. They are implementing huge government programs that have miserably failed anywhere else in the world.

On Nov. 2, we have the chance to replace our tired and socialist leaders with people who believe in this country, people who will not apologize for America. Our government needs to be reminded that the power of America does not reside in Washington, D.C., but in the greatness of the American people. We need to be patriotic like our founders were. Make sure you cast your vote on Election Day, and help us to take our country back.

Dieter Hoffmann