Classics, roadsters and hot rods take over Minden |

Classics, roadsters and hot rods take over Minden

by Sarah Hauck
Hot August Nights volunteers greet participants in a 1959 Buick Le Sabre in downtown Minden Thursday morning during the poker run.
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The license plate of a 1966 Ford Ranchero read “WILL2US” and a mother and daughter weren’t letting their inheritance sit in the garage.

Putting an 18th year of Hot August Night miles under their wheels, Jane Boni and Shellia Silveira joined more than 500 classical cars in downtown Minden on Thursday.

“My father had this to begin with,” Boni, 69, said. “He had it for 30 years then, as the license plate reads, we got it.”

Cars have always been a part of Boni’s life. Her father owned several muscle cars.

The pair fixed up the car and have been driving in the poker run ever since.

“It’s such a fun time,” Silveira said. “This is so neat down here. The historic buildings and the neat park.”

“I like driving down here. I grew up in Carson City,” Boni said. “I like coming down here and seeing how things have changed.”

Just as downtown Minden has changed over time, so have the faces of classic car owners.

The pair enjoy being among the few women drivers in the event.

“The unexpectedness of it (us being women drivers), the age we are. Girls have really started to get into this,” Boni said.

“It’s all about the girl power,” Silveira said. “Guys underestimate us and think we can’t change a tire, or know what a manifold is or know what a carburetor is.”

Trading in the spotlight for a piece of shade under a tree in Minden Park, residents Ken and Shirley Klavon were enjoying waving the drivers off to the next stop on the poker run.

“We are just enjoying the day and watching the cars,” Shirley said. “He’s a car guy so we really enjoy this.”

Former members of Valley Cruisers Car Club, the Klavon’s are owners of an award-winning 1939 Ford Pick-Up.

Avoiding the crowds and noise of the event, Ken liked watching all of the cars.

“I’ve owned a lot of cars over the years and the pick up was just so rare,” he said. “When I went to pick it up, it didn’t miss a beat, but was all rusted out. I took it down to the frame and now it’s won a few trophies with it.”

Sharing their shade with a fellow Minden resident, Joanne Blessing was keeping an eye out for Buicks.

“My family owned Buicks since 1950,” she said. “They are definitely my favorite.”

As owners of a classic car, the Klavons know the time and effort many owners go to to prepare for shows like Hot August Nights.

“They are all so beautiful,” Shirley said. “I appreciate all the work and effort that goes into these because we were there once.”

Valley Cruiser Club member Chris Henricksen said she also enjoyed watching the cars, as she waved them down Esmeralda Avenue to the park.

The club has provided assistance with the event since the beginning.

“They are all unique in their own way,’ Henricksen said. “I always say ‘Oh that one is neat,’ then you see another and say ‘oh, I like that paint job.’”

Henricksen owns a Model A.

While her car wasn’t on display, Henricksen enjoys creating a name for the event with the club’s assistance.

“Us being here lets them know how friendly we are here in Nevada,” she said. “That’s what these drivers like. We are always so friendly and this is their lunch stop. Its so antiquey down here and perfect for these cars.”

Drivers headed to Virginia City after the Minden stop.

The event ends Sunday in Reno.

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