Class of ’62 proposes Hickey memorial |

Class of ’62 proposes Hickey memorial

Members of the Douglas County High School Class of 1962 are working on a memorial to classmate Danny Hickey.
Special to The R-C

When members of the Douglas County High School Class of 1962 were 18, if they wanted to do something in Gardnerville they would go to the fire department, which ran the town then.

These days turning thought into action is a little more involved as class representative Bob Whear found out on Tuesday.

The class is proposing establishing a memorial to Danny Hickey, who not only grew up in Gardnerville, but spent some of his formative years at what is now called Gardnerville Station.

The Hickeys built the Village Motel and operated the Frosty Spot, the first fast food restaurant in Carson Valley.

“Danny Hickey grew up in the white house next to the location and when he got fired at the Frosty Spot, he would go to work at the station and when he got fired at the station he would go home to be with his mom, and she would send him to go be with his dad at the Frosty Spot,” historian and recovering dentist Mike Fischer told the town board on Tuesday. “I’m here today in firm support of doing something.”

Town Board members had no argument with the proposal for a memorial, but said Gardnerville Station isn’t finished yet.

“Gardnerville Station is still a work in progress,” board member Lloyd Higuera said.

Town Chairwoman Linda Slater urged the class to establish a memorial at Heritage Park.

“When Heritage Park was created, that was intended to be a memorial area for people,” she said. “It might be a better location for a flag pole. You could create something where there’s room to grow that would be a monument to all of the Hickey family.”

Town Manager Erik Nilssen said he hopes to budget funds to begin work next summer to excavate the parking lot of the station for drainage improvements that was one of the key reasons the town obtained the station in the first place.

Before that work is completed the parking lot won’t be paved and a lot of the landscaping proposed for the site won’t be finished.

Fischer proposed working with the town, Main Street Gardnerville and the Class of 1962 to work out a location and design for the memorial, which has evolved to include a flagpole.