Class of 2021 encouraged to get involved |

Class of 2021 encouraged to get involved

Douglas High School's Student Body President, Sean Dunkelman put on a juggling show encouraging new students to get involved in school clubs at the freshmen orientation Wednesday.
Sarah Drinkwine |

There’s only 1,389 days until the class of 2021 graduates Douglas High School, said principal Joe Girdner at freshmen orientation Wednesday.

“Right now, that seems like a long time, but it is going to fly by,” said Girdner. “I encourage you to enjoy these next four years; they will be the most enjoyable four years of your life so get involved and make it great.”

More than 400 students were at the orientation, exploring the halls of the campus and taking in the school.

“This is a brand new school for you all,” said science teacher Jay Frey. “No one cares what you did before, so take advantage of that and make the most of every opportunity and reinvent who you are and the things you do.”

The leadership club, teachers and counselors, were on hand to show students around, answer questions and welcome them to the school.

“Enjoy today and the next four years,” Girdner said. “We are here to help and answer any questions you have along the way. The more you come to us and the more we get to know each other, the better off you will be.”

After playing some games to break the ice, the freshmen explored what high school has in store for them.

In the commons, students were taking interest in some of the clubs offered at the school.

“We have many clubs that we’re proud of,” said English teacher and director of activities Karen Lamb. “We encourage you to check them out and find what suits you.”

Senior Natalie Maddox said the drama club is a great way to meet new people. Junior Tullia Rosa said it is a great way to boost confidence.

Another way to boost confidence is in the speech and debate club, said senior Willard Franklin.

“It’s one of the best activities at the school,” he said. “It pumps you up to be sociable and teaches you important assets. Public speaking is a necessary skill and this club promotes it and provides that skill and that’s what it’s great for.“

Students Taking on Prevention is another club that encourages students to get involved and make a difference among their peers.

“I joined because I thought it was a good way to inform the community so they don’t do something that could harm their life,” said sophomore Amerit Kaur.

On the other side of the commons, freshmen Brenna Bytheway and Dominick Gruneich were meeting up to discuss their schedules. Bytheway said she is looking forward to a biomeds course she is taking and Gruneich is looking forward to meeting his teachers and making new friends.

In the courtyard, leadership students Hannah Campbell and Phil Lopez were showing around two exchange students from Germany — sophomore Emma Lorinser and junior Zoe Am-Eyde.

“I’m excited to share school spirit and the events,” said Campbell. “We have a lot of cool things planned and we’re excited about them.”

Student body president Sean Dunkelman gave the freshmen some advice on reinventing themselves, facing their fears and how to survive the next 1,389 days of their lives by putting on a juggling show.

“You’ll learn how to control things, even if you have so much going on, still get involved,” he said. “If you drop a ball in front of 400 people, pick it up and try again. More balls are going to be thrown in the mix, but you’ll learn how to keep them juggling.”