City of Refuge holds open house |

City of Refuge holds open house

Holly Atchison

The City Of Refuge held an open house Sunday for the public to view the house and operation of the project which gives women who are pregnant help with their situation rather than abortion.

“It went perfect,” said Diane Gamble, co-director said. “It was so good. We’re trying to figure out just how many people came.”

Gamble said 115 families signed in for the occasion, but girls staying at the City of Refuge told her they thought over half of the people didn’t sign in.

“I would guess about 500 people were in and out all day,” she said.

“We were so thrilled. Everything this community has done with the project, we’ve been completely blown away from the response,” Gamble said.

Guests were asked to bring donations of items needed to complete the landscaping plan for the property. Because of the large turnout, Gamble said they will be able to finish a large portion of the landscaping.

“”We got over half the trees that we need for the landscaping,” she said.

Gamble said though they will not be able to put sod in, a drip system and trees and bushes will be installed.

Throughout the day, guests rode a truck to the grove, where a tree is planted for each baby that is born due to the help of the City of Refuge.

Tours of the house were given and food was served, and people sat and visited.

“Basically, they came to see the house,” she said. “They just wanted to see and they just wanted to know.

“A lot of people wanted to know, ‘what can we do now?'”

Gamble said people seemed surprised with the project and what the house looked and felt like.

“I think the overall reaction was they did not expect it to be this nice. They didn’t expect it to look this way,” she said. “This is a home more than just a dorm. This is definitely a home.”