Cinderlite driver stops runaway |

Cinderlite driver stops runaway

by Maggie O'Neill

A driver of a runaway truck on Kingsbury Grade Wednesday was saved when his truck rear-ended a Cinderlite hauler about 11:30 a.m.

Jason Schachterie, 30, of Stead, was cited for failure to maintain and inspect his brakes. His truck was towed off Kingsbury Grade.

Both Schachterie and Richard Hughs, 56, of Stateline, were taken to Carson Valley Medical Center for neck and back injuries.

“What Hughs heard was a report of a runaway truck that was going to use the turn-out (on Kingsbury),” said Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Amy Halton. “He pulled out of it and started to go down the hill and that’s when he was rear-ended.”

Traffic on Kingsbury Grade was stopped for about half-hour, and rumors circulated that Hughs intentionally saved the runaway truck. But Halton said that was not true.

“He didn’t do it on purpose,” she said

An NHP inspector told her that three of the four brakes on the truck were out of adjustment.

“He was apparently coming down the hill and witnesses say his brakes were smoking and he was going quite a bit faster than normal,” she said.

After Schacterie’s bigrig rear-ended Hughs’ truck, the two vehicles traveled about 200 feet before stopping.

The incident occurred about four miles from the top of Kingsbury Grade.

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