Christmas bird count is Dec. 30 |

Christmas bird count is Dec. 30

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Birder watchers participating in the sixth annual Minden Christmas Bird Count may see a Northern Flicker like this during the counting time.
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Carson Valley bird watchers are invited to join the annual Christmas Bird Count.

“This day of bird watching and counting the numbers and species of birds in the greater Minden-Gardnerville area is part of the longest ongoing scientific survey in the United States,” said Birding Under Nevada Skies owner Jim Woods. “This local survey is in it’s 8th year and coordinated by Jim Woods, Reno Lahontan Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy.”

The local Christmas Bird count will be held on Dec. 30.

Last year’s survey resulted in close to 18,000 birds counted and comprised 89 species. The survey takes place on field trips to various areas of the valley and it has a Feeder Watch component which allows folks to stay at home and count the birds that come to your feeders.

The survey will start at 7 a.m. at Sharkey’s Casino Coffee Shop and will end with a Potluck Tally Dinner at the Whit Hall Interpretive Center located on the River Fork Ranch near Genoa. Volunteers should have transportation or carpool, binoculars or spotting scopes and snacks and water for the day.

Any birdwatcher is welcome to attend and the level of experience is wide ranging, as the survey will only count the birds that you can identify. It is a fun day out birding around the valley and enjoying the birdlife that makes our area their winter home.

Mary Ellen Conaway at 267-7181 or will be coordinating the Feeder Watch Survey and those interested should contact her directly for information and to sign up.

For Information and to sign up for the field survey contact Jim Woods at 775-720-7009 or