Chase Bank wins right-turn only |

Chase Bank wins right-turn only

by Rachel Spacek
The Westerner Motel will be demolished soon to make way for a new bank.
Brad Coman |

Town of Gardnerville board members amended their previous decision to approve the Chase Bank project at the Westerner Motel location with the elimination of drive way access from Highway 395.

At their meeting on Tuesday, the board approved Chase’s an inbound right-only turn off Highway 395 into their bank.

The board was concerned with the additional traffic a left-turn entrance would cause.

Board member Ken Miller said traffic gets backed up during peak times when three different cars are trying to turn left into the three entrances off Highway 395.

Board member Mary Wenner was concerned with pedestrians walking on the sidewalk with three busy driveways next to each other.

“For people walking, it is going to cause problems and we think there are going to be some fender benders,” Wenner said. “We think it is going to slow traffic down and somebody is going to get hit.”

Wenner added, “I think it is a great bank and location, I just don’t like the drive way.”

The new Chase Bank location is part of an expansion into Northern Nevada. The branch opened a location in Reno in the shopping center at the corner of Wedge Parkway and the Mount Rose Highway. They are set to open another location in Reno near South Meadows Parkway and Double R Boulevard this year.

Board members agreed that a right only turn would eliminate the backup in the left turn lane on Highway 395 and voted 3-1 to issue a new approval to allow an inbound right only turn off into the bank.