Changing commission may affect events center future |

Changing commission may affect events center future

A proposed indoor events center is seen in this artist's rendering. The estimated cost for the building in Stateline is $100 million.
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A redevelopment district at Stateline came under fire during an attempt to oust the chairman of the Douglas County Audit Committee.

Gardnerville resident Dave Maxwell issued an unsolicited report that the district would raise twice the money anticipated in April of this year.

Maxwell spoke about the report at various service groups in the run-up to the June primary election.

He contended that the condos at Tahoe Beach Club would raise far more money than the county originally estimated, generating $200 million for the district.

Commissioner-elect John Engels picked up the banner, making the redevelopment agency and the Stateline events center it is supposed to build an issue in his successful campaign to unseat Commissioner Steve Thaler.

However, Maxwell didn’t realize that in Nevada real property is taxed at 35 percent of its value, so his number for the Beach Club condos was nearly three times what it would have been.

Nevada refers to the full amount as a “taxable valuation,” but the 35 percent as “assessed valuation,” which Commissioner Dave Nelson pointed out is pretty confusing.

Thaler and outgoing commissioner Nancy McDermid lost an Aug. 23 vote to remove Maxwell from the audit committee 3-2.

The changing make-up of the commission could have implications for the future of the redevelopment area at Stateline and the events center.

Engels and Nelson are opposed to the effort.

Republican commission candidate Wes Rice is facing independent Kristi Lynn Kandel in November. Kandel’s web site indicates that she favors building the events center, something where she and Rice appear to agree. No independent has held a seat on the Douglas County commission since 1946.

That leaves commissioners Barry Penzel and Larry Walsh to determine the center’s fate.

“I am in favor of the events center, as a concept,” Penzel told The Record-Courier. “I see there is still a lot of work before committing monies to the project. We have not seen a proforma, or a business plan, nor have we seen any private partners step up to pledge support for the project. The project cannot be completed by the RDA2 alone. Moreover, the question of who would own the center has not been discussed.”

Walsh said the center could be critical to Stateline’s future, which has long been an economic engine for the county.

“A new events center will bring back much needed jobs that were eliminated during the recession which affected thousands who live in the Carson Valley,” he said. “Some folks attempt to bifurcate the Valley and the Lake, but the fact is we are one county and that which benefits one portion of the county benefits us all.”

The price tag for the events center is estimated at $80 million. A large all-weather venue has been a goal in Stateline for years.

The proposed center is funded from the redevelopment agency in Stateline, which raises money from increased tax assessment gathered on improvements within its boundaries.

Estimates of the district’s 30-year revenue generation are $115.7 million.