Changes in the law will affect Antelope Valley |

Changes in the law will affect Antelope Valley

by Lynne Katusich

There are two substantial changes in state law for us to know about:

First is that the state prisons were so overcrowded that Gov. Brown signed Assembly Bill 109 which dealt with that particular problem. This bill provides for low-level inmates not convicted of violent or sexual crimes to be housed in county jail and provide community service throughout the area, so you will start seeing local jail inmates perform this service around the county. They will be on work details on county properties, which I am told has already benefited all of our local communities by keeping them cleaner. This allows county agency staff to focus on other projects. So don’t be surprised if you see these work crews out there on a fairly regular basis.

The fishing season on the West Walker River has been greatly changed. It will affect fishing from the bridge on Highway 395 north of Highway 108, to just before the river reaches Topaz Lake. The new rule is that, with a California fishing license, you may fish from March 1 to April 26 on the river, using barbless hooks only, on a “catch and release” program. You cannot keep any fish you might catch. The regular fishing season will run from April 26 to Nov. 15, when you can keep the fish you catch if you have a California fishing license.

Toiyabe Indian Clinic

I was told by Supervisor Fesko that the Clinic will reopen sometime in early February and will be open to everyone, You can check with them to find out all of the services they will provide.

This and that

The Walker Thrift Store and Recycling will be closed on Mondays during the winter season. They will be open 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Remember that the cost of stamps has just increased to 49 cents. Forever stamps won’t be affected by the change.

Take care of yourself during this cold and flu season. It’s been coming after all of us.

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