Chambers Field residents seek truck traffic ban |

Chambers Field residents seek truck traffic ban

Chambers Field residents are seeking to ban all but local delivery trucks from their neighborhood's streets.
Kurt HIldebrand

One of the unintended consequences of Douglas County’s building boomlet is an increase of the number of trucks using residential streets and the accompanying complaints.

More than three dozen Chambers Field residents signed a petition asking the county to ban trucks from their streets.

Organizer Marcia Maire said the neighborhood’s streets are narrow without sidewalks.

“Over this past spring and summer, we have seen an increase in big rigs cutting through our quiet residential area,” she said in a letter accompanying the petition. “We saw just recently at least 20 runs on Edna Drive and Rojo Way by dual trailer dump trucks starting at 6:45 a.m. This is unsafe for school children walking to and from bus stops and residents out walking or biking.”

Maire said that she took her concerns to operators of the Bing Pit before going to the county. While local truckers were cooperative, she said there was resistance from those based elsewhere.

Residents are asking county commissioners to post Edna Drive, Rojo Way, Verde Way, Marion Way, Amarillo Drive, Rubio Way, Oro Way and Azul Way “No through trucks.”

Residents are also asking that the county replace a missing stop sign on Rojo Way, as well as additional calming devices.

County transportation engineer Jon Erb proposed trucks be prohibited on Rojo Way from Kimmerling Road to Edna Drive, and Edna Drive from Rojo Way to Centerville. The roadway would have No Trucks signs posted.

Trucks would still be allowed to make local deliveries.

Residents of Chichester Estates have also complained about truck traffic through their neighborhood.