Centerville work could begin soon |

Centerville work could begin soon

Work on Centerville Lane between Highway 88 and Foothill Road is expected to go to bid this month.

On Friday, members of the Douglas County Water Conveyance Committee approved replacing culverts along the route.

With a dry year, irrigation will be reduced significantly, County Road Engineer Jon Erb said, which will make it easier to work on the culverts and the road.

Centerville was one of the first roads planned for work a few years ago, but due to a wet couple of years, it was delayed.

The $3.6 million price tag will be funded from the Douglas County road bonds purchased based on the nickel gas tax.

Erb said the metal bottoms of many of the culverts have rusted through. The culverts are a critical component to the project in order to reduce the flooding that overtops the road during irrigation and wet weather.

Some of the culverts going in will be increased in size, which will improve their capacity.

Work on the project could begin as early as August.

Neighbors have said that even a light rain can cause the road to flood.

Just fixing the culverts on Centerville could cost $300,000 to $400,000.

Resident Jim Prather said that since the Centerville roundabout went in, the number of motorists has increased on the way to Lake Tahoe.