Centerville roundabout work done |

Centerville roundabout work done

Vehicles from sports cars to hay trucks were using the Centerville roundabout on Saturday.
Kurt Hildebrand

The trick to navigating a roundabout is in the oncoming vehicle’s tires. If they’re pointed at you, it’s coming around. If pointed away, the vehicle is turning before it gets to you.

The second roundabout on Highway 88 will be open for business at Centerville today after the Nevada Department of Transportation touches up the roadway stripes.

The most dangerous intersection in Douglas County, three people died during 2017 as a result of collisions that occurred there.

Those deaths increased doubled the toll at the location over the past decade.

Almost all of the collisions at the intersection occurred because someone pulled out into the path of speeding vehicle on Highway 88 from one of the stop signs on Centerville Lane.

Before the construction, traffic would back up at the stop signs on the east and west accesses to 88.

“Roundabouts do not use stop signs, but often use yield signs to notify drivers to yield to approaching vehicles already in the roundabout,” Transportation spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said. “Entering a roundabout is much like making a right turn from an intersection.”

She offered other tips for safely passing through any roundabout.

When readying to enter a roundabout, look in each direction, paying particular attention to vehicles circling the roundabout to the driver’s left.

Give the right-of-way and yield to traffic and/or pedestrians or bicyclists, then enter the roundabout when there is an adequate gap in circulating traffic flow. Do not pass bicycles or other vehicles in a roundabout.

If there are no vehicles immediately approaching, it is legal to proceed into the roundabout without stopping, as long as all traffic laws are followed.

Following posted speed limits, proceed through the roundabout following the roadway counterclockwise to the right of center island.

Within a roundabout, do not stop for vehicles waiting to enter the roundabout. Those driving within the roundabout have the right-of-way.

Before exiting, use turn signals to indicate where you will exit the roundabout.

Ragonese cautioned motorists that there may be brief closures in place over the next few weeks for work on the shoulder and other final work.

Construction on the $1.1 million compact roundabout began on April 23.