Centerville Lane up for improvements |

Centerville Lane up for improvements

Centerville is ready for rebuilding, which could happen later this year or early in 2020.
Kurt Hildebrand

Residents have been concerned about the state of Centerville Lane between Highway 88 and Foothill Road for years.

In February, Centerville was the only east-west route across Carson Valley to be closed during heavy rains. Water was inches deep due to issues with drainage near Bass.

While the road is in serious need of resurfacing, it’s the drainage that concerns some residents.

Resident Jim Prather said he has seen vehicles hydroplane when water’s crossing the roadway.

Since the installation of the roundabout at Highway 88 and Centerville, the route has also become popular with motorists commuting from the Gardnerville Ranchos to Lake Tahoe.

On Thursday, members of the Regional Transportation Commission discussed the county’s five-year transportation plan.

County Traffic Engineer Jon Erb said he has been rearranging the plan to help fund reconstruction of the pavement and improving some of the larger channel culverts.

“It’s looking like that project will happen late this year or early next year depending on the schedule for engineering design,” he said. “Dewatering to do new box culverts will be challenging.”

Erb told transportation commissioners on Thursday that he has budgeted $1 million to repair the culverts on the road and another $2.6 million to rebuild the road.

He confirmed that work on the road will take place sometime next fiscal year, and should be done by June 30, 2020. Culvert work should be completed before runoff begins next spring.

The road is roughly three miles long.

Money for that project would come from $12 million in bonds funded by the nickel gas tax approved by commissioners in 2015. Centerville and rebuilding Johnson Lane are the last two projects to be completed with that money.