Centerville culvert work continues |

Centerville culvert work continues

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Roadwork is expected to continue on Centerville Lane into mid-November.

Workers are replacing three culverts on the road in preparation for repaving it next spring.

“The road is closed to through traffic but open to the residences on Centerville through mid-November,” Douglas County Traffic Engineer Jon Erb said. “The project has three new box culvert replacement locations where the road will need to be completely closed to everyone for a one week period each.”

Last week was the first of those, with the next one set for next week if everything goes according to plan.

Residents on Centerville Lane have been concerned about drainage and the state of the road for years.

The old corrugated metal culverts had rusted out of the bottoms and were often overwhelmed by even moderate rain.

But the work was delayed due to prior wet seasons because it had to be done when the ditches were relatively dry. County officials didn’t want to repave until after the culverts were done, so they wouldn’t have to redo that work.