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Census estimates Douglas growing

Approval of the Corley Ranch Homestead project by county commissioners earlier this month once more shined a spotlight on Douglas County’s population numbers.

Opponents of the project cited Nevada Demographer numbers that show Douglas County’s population will continue to slide through 2017.

However, according to Census numbers released on Thursday the county’s population has been increasing for the past three years.

After taking a 462-person jump in 2014, Douglas County’s population growth slowed down a bit.

All of that increase was due to migration into the county, since the number of deaths exceeded births for five years in a row.

In the year ending June 30, 2015, there were 377 births in the county and 480 deaths.

The county had 281 new residents, according to the Census. Of those, only 25 came from outside the United States.

The county’s population, according to the July 1, 2015, census update was 47,710 people, up 191 from the previous July.

That’s compared to the state’s projection that Douglas was home to 48,347 people in 2015.

The Demographer’s numbers have generally run higher than the Census. A decade ago the state announced Douglas County had cracked 50,000 residents, while the Census showed a slow decrease in population for the five years leading up to the 2010 count.

Douglas County’s Census numbers have been notoriously difficult to pin down due to the large number of part-time residents. The state’s projections and the Census estimates for Carson City are within 200 people for the year.

The Census estimates that Carson City experienced a 423-person jump in 2013-14 and slowed a bit in 2014-15 to reach 54,521 residents. The capital has a little bit to go to reach its 2010 Census population of 55,030.

Lyon County is home to 52,585 people, according to the Census. Washoe County is up to 446,903. All four Western Nevada counties posted increases.

Clark County was the fourth fastest growing county in the nation with 45,655 new residents to bring its population to 2.11 million people, a 2.21 percent increase.