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Census count seeking higher response

In the April 2010, many Douglas County residents with PO boxes reported not receiving Census forms, prompting Rush Limbaugh to report it on his program.

In a case of decennial déjà vu, residents with PO boxes are again reporting they’ve not received their Census forms.

A Census spokeswoman said PO box holders should start receiving forms over the next few weeks.

According to the U.S. Postal Service there are 8,501 active PO boxes serving Douglas County. While information about how many people are served by each box isn’t available, that could amount to as much as a third of the county’s population.

As of Saturday, Douglas County’s response rate was at 46.9 percent, slightly lagging behind the Silver State’s 47.1 percent.

That is well ahead of Storey County’s 39.1 percent, but behind Lyon County and Carson City’s 52.1 percent.

Census estimates for last year were released at the end of March.

Self-response to the Census either online or through the mail has been extended two weeks to Aug. 31 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Anyone can respond to the Census online at 2020census.gov.

Census takers are expected to start following up with households that have yet to respond online, by phone or by mail starting May 28. They will be out gathering information from households through mid-August. The Census is due to be delivered to the President on Dec. 31, with states receiving information to conduct legislative redistricting by April 1, 2021.

Douglas County was estimated to have 48,905 residents on July 1, 2019, up 438 from 48,467 in 2018.

According to the latest numbers, there are 24,208 housing units in the county.

The actual count could show an significant jump in Douglas County’s population, if a recent increase in the number of registered voters is any indication.

As of April 7 there were 38,150 active registered voters in the county, and 2,927 inactive voters, who did not vote in the last election, but who can still without re-registering.

There were 36,051 active voters as of April 4, 2018 and 25,391 in April 2016.