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Celebrating our counties


Today will mark the 150th anniversary of the creation of Nevada’s original nine counties: Churchill, Douglas, Esmeralda, Humboldt, Lyon, Ormsby (now Carson City), Storey, Washoe and Lake, by the Nevada Territorial Legislature. There are now 17 counties, each with their own unique heritage and way of life that together makes up the fabric of our great state.

Since before statehood, Nevada’s counties have provided courts, public health and safety, cared for their most vulnerable citizens, built and maintained roads, water systems, libraries and parks, and conducted elections. Counties have been relied upon for services that have become part of daily life, as well as responses to natural disasters and emergencies.

Counties have been sustained throughout the boom and bust of our state’s history by the leadership of locally elected officials and dedicated public servants. Never has this been more evident than in the current economic downturn as counties meet increasing service demands with dwindling resources. Recently they have undertaken efforts to help create jobs and have been called upon by the State to provide additional services.

The many individuals who have contributed to the success of Nevada’s counties and those serving the residents and visitors of Nevada should be recognized. This sesquicentennial gives us an opportunity to reflect on the positive impact that county governments have had in the history of our State and to look forward to the important role they will have in serving the people and families who live here during the next 150 years.

Jeff Fontaine

Executive Director

Nevada Association of Counties

Editor’s Note: The act creating the counties is dated Nov. 25, 1861, but The Record-Courier has been using the Nov. 29, 1861, date because that’s when the county seats were designated, thus completing the process.