Cash donations sought for apartment fire victims |

Cash donations sought for apartment fire victims

by Caryn Haller
Special to The R-C
Items donated to fire victims through Valley Christian Fellowship on Wednesday.
Caryn Haller |

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A quiet Tuesday night at home, quickly turned into a nightmare for Gardnerville resident Ashley Granados and her family when an apartment fire claimed their home.

Granados, 24, her husband Kyle Partridge and their three young children Danzik, Mackenzie and Isabella Partridge are now homeless after their apartment along Lampe Drive was one of nine rendered uninhabitable.

“All you could do was stand there and watch it burn down,” Granados said of her home for the past four years. “I feel a little lost, and am praying we can get back on our feet.”

The Granados were among 30 people displaced as a result of the fire, which was caused by an improperly discarded cigarette butt.

Granados said she had no idea there was a fire in the building complex until she heard someone banging on her front door.

“I flung the door open and there were huge flames to the right,” she said. “I could feel the heat. My first thought was, ‘I have to get my kids out, my pets out, I have to get my documents out.’ Everyone was screaming a fire, a fire.”

After spending a restless night in a Gardnerville motel, Granados was allowed back into her home Wednesday to salvage what she could.

“When I first walked into my living room, it looked normal, but it smelled horrible,” she said. “The wall in the backyard was melted, and there’s insulation all over upstairs, and holes in the ceiling upstairs. It was like I was in a dream. It’s something I never thought would happen.”

Granados was thankful the fire did not claim her family photographs or items that belonged to her mother who died three years ago.

“I was so relieved,” she said. “I was really nervous about that.”

Like many of the residents displaced by the fire, Granados had no renters insurance.

“Right now, we’re looking at places,” she said. “All of our leases have been put to a halt, and we should all be getting our security deposits back.”

Donations of all kinds have been pouring in to Valley Christian Fellowship, which served as a shelter for the fire victims Tuesday night. They are now accepting monetary donations to help families get back on their feet.

“People that know me have reached out,” Granados said. “I’ve had a lot of people offering help. I want to thank all the firefighters. They saved all of our lives, and I’m truly sorry for the people that lost a lot more than I did.”

To donate, visit, click on giving and select special offering, or come by the church at 1352 Highway 395, Suite 109 in Gardnerville.