Carson Valley spring brings delight |

Carson Valley spring brings delight

Just over a month into spring and abundant signs of the season are evident throughout the Carson Valley. Recent warm temperatures pose an invitation to emerge from the cocoon of our homes and step outside to relish the sunshine and fresh air.

Seemingly overnight, the trees in our backyard have burst open in a flush of fragrant blossoms. The apple trees, flowering plums, and peach tree are adorned in white and shades of pink that range from blush to fuchsia; their scent permeates the air and carries a hopeful potential for fruit later this year. This past weekend, I paused to listen to the hum of bees meandering among the blooms and was lucky enough to spot a few, in their focused and meditative dance, through the branches.

Also making their first appearance this season are the neighborhood bats. On a walk last Saturday evening, I looked up to the sky to watch the colors change after the sun dropped below the Sierras and was delighted by the sight of a lone bat darting back and forth beneath a streetlamp. These amazing mammals benefit humans in a number of ways, not the least being the amount of insects they consume. I got my first mosquito bite on Saturday, too, so I hope the bat enjoyed an ample bug buffet that night.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife produced a brochure titled, “Nevada Bats, Our Aerial Allies,” that details bat species, habitats, and conservation efforts throughout the state. Type “NDOW bat brochure” into your search engine to find this informative resource online.

Sitting outside in the evenings, my family has been treated to the singing of crickets and the occasional low rumble of a frog’s call. A pair of Mallard ducks are frequenting the irrigation ditch that runs near our home, and yesterday I noticed the peonies in our backyard emerging through the soil from the depths of their winter slumber.

Signs of renewal are all around us. In this time of uncertainty and pause, Mother Nature plows forth with her sense of purpose, faithfully and without interruption. Perhaps now more than ever, her steady course fills me with wonder and solace.

I’d love to hear about the springtime things that gladden your heart, too; feel free to drop me a line and share what brings you joy.