Carson Valley resident Sallie Springmeyer celebrates 97th birthday |

Carson Valley resident Sallie Springmeyer celebrates 97th birthday

Mellisa Murphy, Staff Writer

Long-time Carson Valley resident Sallie Springmeyer celebrated her 97th birthday Tuesday with nearly 20 friends at her home near Mud Lake, south of the Ranchos.

Springmeyer was born Aug. 22, 1903 in New York and moved to Nevada in the 1930s. She studied law at Stanford and the University of Southern California and was the first woman lawyer in Nevada.

“I had a normal childhood,” Springmeyer said. “I went to Chapin School in New York, which is still in existence.”

Her father was in the export business, and her mother entertained many guests at their home on 140 E. 71st St. in New York.

Springmeyer’s birthday guests ranged in age from 2 to 81, and she greeted each of them with a kiss.

“Sallie is a very faithful member of our congregation,” said Shep Curtis, minister of Coventry Cross Episcopal Church in Minden. “Unless she’s out of town, she’s there.”

Springmeyer has been a member of Coventry Cross since 1954, when the little church was moved to Minden from Smith Valley.

“There was no music one Sunday, so Sallie got up and played piano,” said friend Jay Hoppe. “I don’t think there’s anything she hasn’t done or tried in her life.”

Friend Betty Ziegler, who co-hosted the party with Springmeyer’s live-in helper Beverly Troutner, remembers meeting Springmeyer 10 years ago.

“She was the first person I met at church, and she invited me over for tea. Now we’re great friends,” Ziegler said.

Still active, Springmeyer visits the Douglas County senior center a few times a month.

“She’s got a great mind,” Don Bently said. “We wish her a very happy birthday. She’s a great neighbor.”

Springmeyer has a sister in New York who turned 100 in March. Her family also includes daughter Sally Springmeyer Zanjani of Reno, three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.