Carson Valley: Life at the Turn of the Century: A special report |

Carson Valley: Life at the Turn of the Century: A special report

by Sharon Carter

The three faces of agriculture chosen to lead off the R-C’s special feature, “Carson Valley: Life at the Turn of the Century,” are meant to illustrate how ag businesses are meeting today’s challenges and planning for tomorrow’s.

These stories are the first of several to form The Record-Courier’s observance of the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

All year, we shall be reviewing the past and looking into the future, discussing various important issues facing Valley residents. These stories will be published monthly until December, when they will all be reproduced in a special collector’s edition.

January’s stories include:

n The Byington family’s Galeppi Land and Cattle Co. on Genoa Lane is a traditional Carson Valley beef cattle operation. Dallas Byington keeps a weather eye on ag futures to help him determine when to sell, grows alfalfa primarily for his own cattle, does some experimental breeding and networks with other cattlemen. His primary focus, day-to-day, is on his animals. Byington plans for the future, and meets it when it comes.

n The Mack Ranch, owned by the Mack family and managed by Jacques Etchegoyhen, is a small agricultural business, formerly a traditional ranch operation, in the process of adapting to changing markets and positioning itself in a highly competitive business world.

n Bently Agridynamics and Biodynamics, which evolved from Bently Ranch operations, hope to be industry leaders in 21st Century agriculture. While the ag companies are looking for new market opportunities and see potential applications for Bently Nevada Corp.’s diagnostic and monitoring products in future generations of agricultural machinery, other important parts of their mission include pure agricultural and environmental research and educating the public. Both companies are developing academic internship programs.

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