Carson Valley Gold Course opens today |

Carson Valley Gold Course opens today

Lorna McDaniel

After getting devastated by the New Year’s flood and with no help from the federal government, the Carson Valley Golf Course is opening at 8 a.m. today because of efforts by volunteers.

Lynn Brooks, co-owner, said of the 100 or more people who came to help, “Our volunteers have been wonderful.”

She said friends, family and their seasonal employees all came to help.

Don Brooks, co-owner of the 100-acre course and pro shop on 1027 Riverview Drive, Gardnerville Ranchos, added that area businesses also loaned them equipment.

“For two months it has been butt-busting work,” he said of the repair work that has been going on seven days a week since Jan. 5.

He said they had to remove 500 truck loads of dirt and about 50 truck loads of debris from the course, and they had to de-water 42 of the 62 carts.

He said the Small Business Administration was no help to them with the offer of a three-year loan of $250,100 at 8 1/2 percent interest to pay for the excess of $1 million damage.

He said with his business and revenue cut in half, he would never be able to make the $9,000 a month payments the loan would require.

He said the SBA is suppose to help, “but instead they’re putting another hurdle in the way.

“Ours is not the only problem. It’s the residents, too (who can’t afford the short-term loans.)

“The SBA needs to restructure their policies to help people, not hinder them.”

He said he wouldn’t raise prices because he said the course is reasonably priced so the working man or woman and the elderly can afford to play.

He added that the opening will included flood rates at $15 for 18 holes and $9 for nine holes.

“The nine holes (available) is not what is was last summer,” he said. “It’s a little rough.”

He said that he thought it would take five to six years to recover financially from the flood damage.

“We’re not giving up,” he said. “Hopefully the golfing public won’t give up on us.”

Brooks said he expects the 18-hole course will be operating on nine holes until the levee near Riverview bridge is fixed.

“The levee (in disrepair) doesn’t help us, because it is still a threat,” he said. “Two months later, and it’s still not fixed.

“The beavers are doing more work on the river than the federal government.”

Brooks said he contacted both Nevada Sen. Richard Bryan and Harry Reid and Congressman Jim Gibbons about what he called a problem with the SBA.

“Gibbons was the only one to come down here,” Brooks said.

Brooks praised the county for their work before, during and after the flood.

“They are the only ones who have jumped in there and done something,” he said. “A week after the flood with the threat of another flood, they paid a contractor to come out here and strengthen the levee.”

For information, call 265-3181.