CV Days Parade sets flags flying |

CV Days Parade sets flags flying

A gymnast for Tumbleweeds Gymnastics takes to the air over Gardnerville in Saturday's Carson Valley Days Parade.

Carson Valley Days Parade breezed through town on Saturday featuring 92 floats and a blustery morning.

The theme of the Carson Valley Days parade was “Fun in the Great Outdoors.”

Laycie Barland moved to Douglas in 2012, and has made sure to attend every year since then.

She brought in a new parade recruit, Ryland Metzinger, who just moved to the area and came to attend his inaugural parade.

They intend to go to the carnival after the parade to get the full experience for his full time, they said.

“I love the theme,” Metzinger said. “This whole area is the great outdoors. I came here because it’s so beautiful.”

Greg Deines moved here about 20 years ago, and has tried to attend every parade since then.

“It’s fantastic,” he said, “I’ve been to about 15 out of the 20 since I moved here.”

The Helping Hands Thrift Store took the theme very literally, and had live trees on their float, pulling a tiny forest behind them.

The Douglas Dolfins stuck with the theme of the great outdoors with a surf theme, playing surf rock from their float, and shooting each other with water guns.

The COD Casino drove an old fashion fire truck, complete with sirens, and sprayed unsuspecting but delighted passersby with water guns.

The Killer Whales, the Special Olympics Swim Team, pulled a pontoon houseboat through the parade route for their take on the theme.

Gardnerville resident Danielle Calabria’s children, who attend school in South Lake Tahoe, really wanted to watch the parade.

“My kids seemed entertained, and that’s who you’ve got to impress,” she joked.

Sheriff and county commission hopefuls were among the score of political entries in the parade.

Each sheriff’s candidate brought his own spin to the theme. Joe Duffy employed blowup dinosaur suits, Dean Paris had a rubber duck atop the truck following the Dolfins’ float, Dan Coverley had a ranch-themed float, and Dave Brady walked beside a green pickup truck.

Highway 395 reopened at 11:20 a.m. The Carson Valley Days Carnival in Lampe Park continues until 5 p.m. Sunday.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, with polls open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.