Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce offers input on master plan |

Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce offers input on master plan

by Amy Alonzo

This article was updated to clarify remarks by Chernock.

The Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce has offered comments on four elements of the Douglas County Master Plan, and Chamber President Bill Chernock discussed those comments at the group’s monthly meeting Wednesday at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

“This Master Plan has huge impacts,” Chernock said. “It’s a living document that can be changed. It’s an important document that will determine your quality of your life … What this valley looks like and feels like is the golden goose.”

Douglas County adopted a 20-year master plan in 1996. The plan provides long-term guidance for the area’s development and covers a variety of topics ranging from parks and recreation to growth management. The plan was last updated in 2011.

A Chamber committee comprised of Chernock, Jack Jacobs, Carlo Luri, Tom Dallaire and Brent Holderman developed input on the plan’s issues most relevant to the business community —agriculture, transportation, open space acquisition and infrastructure, Chernock said.

“It felt to us as though this particular revision could help address some of the issues we’re facing,” Chernock said.

Chernock said funding for any Open Space Acquisition Program developed by Douglas County must be the result of a voter approved initiative and not imposed by Commission action.

Speaking about transportation, Chernock said the traffic through Minden and Gardnerville “is not good for the residents, it’s not good for visitors, it’s not good for business. The bypass — we can’t put this thing off anymore.”

Discussing open spaces, he said the Chamber is “going to push really hard” to get commissioners to publicly say whether they support it or not.

“Those are two really big issues that are coming to a head,” Chernock said. “The master plan revision allows a really good discussion about them.”

The planning commissioners is scheduled to meet July 18-19 on requested master plan amendments, with final action on Aug. 8. County commissioners won’t consider the issue until September.