Carson Valley blood drive collects 68 units |

Carson Valley blood drive collects 68 units

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United Blood Services' Mike Drew draws blood from Matt Bernard Wednesday at the CVI. Mr. Bernard says he usually donates three times a year.
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Minden Town Board Member Matt Bernard enjoyed a post-donation cookie in the bloodmobile at Carson Valley Inn on Wednesday.

United Blood Services set up shop collecting 68 units of blood from 58 donors to prepare for a potentially hazardous weekend.

“This is great for what we’re about to face with the Fourth of July weekend,” Senior Donor Recruitment Representative Steve Jenkins said. “It is prone for accidents and it’s good to stock up the hospital before then.”

Every donation can save three lives.

Jenkins’ family, personally touched by a health crisis, knows the importance of blood donations.

“My niece spent 2 and a half years in the hospital after having two double lung transplants,” he said. “Our family is pretty passionate about blood donations.

Personally donating for the last five years Jenkins said the annual CVI blood drive is a way to celebrate.

“We have always done very good on 9/11, and honoring our veterans with the Fourth of July blood drive is a very good thing,” he said.

Bernard has been donating blood for 20 years.

The bloodmobiles allow busy people like Bernard to donate without having to go to Carson City where the blood services office is located.

“I really appreciate the blood drives, “ he said. “When this comes right to your front door it is hard to turn down.”

Bernard believes that donating blood is a simple way to help another person, and hopes his efforts several times a year will help him in the future.

“People do good things all the time,” he said. “I help out where I can. I might need blood someday. Someday we’ll all need something like this. It’s karma. Maybe if I donate I won’t need it. It’s so easy why not?”