Carson man sent to prison |

Carson man sent to prison

by Merrie Leininger

A Carson City man was sentenced Monday in Douglas County District Court to a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to larceny of a motor vehicle, a class B felony.

John Gray, 35, was arrested Feb. 5 near Ironwood center after leading Douglas County Sheriff’s Officers on a vehicle and foot chase that started when officers discovered the car he was driving was stolen in Carson City. The vehicle chase involved high speeds through residential areas. Gray left the car at Douglas High School when he hit a curb and damaged a tire. He then ran from police and hid on someone’s porch.

Judge Michael Gibbons gave Gray more than the 1-to-10 years possible sentence he could have received for that crime.

Gray was originally charged with four felonies, including being under the influence of a controlled substance and attempting to elude police. He still faces charges in Carson City stemming from the same incident.

Gray’s attorney, Tod Young asked the judge not to consider Gray’s previous felony convictions during sentencing.

“This is one of those cases that makes me challenge our typical model of corrections. He has been to prison many times and typically they would ask for a longer prison term,” Young said. “He has a problem with methamphetamine. He really has the desire to change his life, he just hasn’t had the ability yet. When sentencing, I would ask you to look outside the box. Look at the nature of the real harm done in this case.”

Young asked that Gray only be sentenced to 22-48 months in prison.

Gray apologized to the court.

“I’d like to express my sorrow for the harm I’ve caused. No matter what the court does today, I plan on doing something with my life. I’m not happy with what I’ve done to bring myself here,” he said. “I don’t want my whole life to be behind bars. I pray the court can show some mercy on me.”

Gibbons said he didn’t trust Gray’s promises.

“I can try to look outside the box, but every time, I come back to the same conclusion – you can’t stay away from others’ property. You have three felony convictions. I’d like to help you with your problem, but I can’t help but think it’s likely you’ve been saying the same things for the past 15 years,” Gibbons said.

Gray got 86 days credit for time served and must pay $650 in restitution, plus fines.