Carson man acquitted of battery |

Carson man acquitted of battery

Michael Schneider

A Carson City man was acquitted of one count of battery midway through a trial in the East Fork Township Justice Court Thursday after Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl determined that no battery had taken place.

On April 3, the defendant, Jeremy Douglas Lindberg, 20, went to the Johnson Lane hot springs along with a group of Carson High School boys and girls. There was alcohol consumption involved and eventually a mud-slinging contest between Lindberg and the alleged victim, a 17-year-old Carson City girl, turned violent when Lindberg began calling the girl names.

The girl left the hot springs and said she was leaving to go to her car when Lindberg threw a chunk of mud and rocks at her back. The girl pushed Lindberg, still in the springs, in his chest and both fell over into the water. There they wrestled and Lindberg apparently punched the girl in the face, knocking out one of her teeth.

As Lindberg’s insurance was paying for dental bills for the girl, and as the alleged battery occurred while both parties were drinking alcohol and wrestling around, EnEarl found justice had been served.

The girl’s mother asked the judge to give Lindberg a strict reprimand for his actions and use of force against women.

“When you reach the age of 20, you’re supposed to have common sense,” said EnEarl. “I don’t think you do.

“What were you doing buck naked in the hot springs with 17-year-olds?”

“I had shorts on, sir,” said Lindberg.

“Well, that makes it much better,” said EnEarl. “You’re lucky you’re not facing charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor or minor consuming alcohol.

“The young lady lost a tooth due to your direct involvement. How old do you have to be before you get some common sense?”

“Probably younger than I am now,” said Lindberg.

“I’m going to grant the motion (to dismiss the charges). You can say, ‘I beat it,’ or you can take the view that you had close personal contact with the criminal justice system and almost went to jail. Use this as a learning experience.

“So you’ve disfigured someone for life? Is that an accurate statement?” asked EnEarl.

“Yes,” said Lindberg.

“I don’t think I’d be proud I was not convicted of a criminal offense in light of what happened,” said EnEarl. “If I were you, I would not stand convicted before me of anything in the future.”