Carson contractor wins transfer station bid |

Carson contractor wins transfer station bid

by Sheila Gardner, Record-Courier editor

A Carson City contractor won a $2.4 million bid to build Douglas County’s transfer station and recycling center, but the award comes with a stern warning that the county will oversee every step of the project.

American General Development was the low bidder for the project and county commissioners expressed concern Thursday about problems they’ve had with the firm’s subcontractors on other projects, including the Kahle Park building and Douglas County library expansions.

The Douglas County School District ended up in court with American General over work at the Minden Elementary School.

“We took a hard look at some of the problems we’ve had with American General – the library and Kahle Park – and the problems have been with their subccontractors, not them,” said County Manager Dan Holler. “There’s no reason to disqualify them, but we don’t mind letting them know they are being watched.”

The project came in over the engineer’s $2 million bid, so commissioners approved a $350,000 transfer from the county’s capital improvement projects fund.

Holler said the project had been trimmed and he didn’t feel there was any advantage to more cuts or rebidding.

“Once all bidders put their cards on the table, and you go to rebid, unless you make substantial changes, you’ll get similar bids,” said Community Development Director Bob Nunes. “If we cut back, in the long term it could cost us more.”

Nunes said a full-time county contract administrator would oversee the project.

“It seems a shame you can’t have a degree of trust,” said Commissioner Bernie Curtis. “It’s going to cost the county a great deal of money to have a full-time person on this job.

“If this should be another dismal experience, we’re not doing business with these people anymore,” Curtis said.

Work is expected to begin on the 21,000-square-foot facility on Pinenut Road by the end of the year, with completion scheduled in June.