Carson City man faces six years in prison after admitting drug sales |

Carson City man faces six years in prison after admitting drug sales


A Carson City man faces up to six years in prison and a $20,000 fine after he admitted to selling psilocybin mushrooms in Douglas County District Court on Monday.

Ryan B. Mueller, 30, was pulled over March 30 on Dresslerville Lane for a traffic infraction when a background check revealed his license was suspended.

He was taken into custody and during a search of his vehicle, deputies discovered a pound of marijuana and 7 grams of psilocybin.

Mueller was ordered released on his own recognizance on Monday.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos woman will find out in October whether her drug abuse will lead to prison.

Rachel Kristine Zacharias, 33, faces 1-4 years in prison after she admitted Aug. 20 to felony possession of heroin.

Zacharias was arrested May 10 after she nodded off at the wheel of her car while it was in gear.

She was arrested again in Carson City on a similar charge on Aug. 3.

Defense attorney Maria Pence submitted a petition for drug or mental health court for Zacharias. That petition was opposed by prosecutor Ric Casper, who said her record indicated she was not a good candidate for either program.

Zacharias graduated from drug court in 2010-12, but was convicted of felony burglary in California in 2016, and is still on probation.

■ A man who admitted he was a heroin addict was granted diversion on condition he attended Western Regional Drug Court.

Michael A. Pesci, 23, admitted one count of felony possession of heroin. He was arrested Aug. 5 in Stateline.

If he is successful in the 2-3-year program, the felony will be dismissed. If he fails, he faces 1-4 years in prison, though possession cases generally carry mandatory probation.

■ A 48-year-old man admitted to a count of possession of a controlled substance Aug. 20.

Shannon R. Trumpower faces 1-4 years in prison on Oct. 15 for possession of methamphetamine.

■ A 28-year-old man was permitted to attend Western Regional Drug Court on Aug. 20 as part of a drug diversion.

Mitchell Campbell-Soyland was arrested with methamphetamine on June 25.

He admitted to a count of possession of a controlled substance. If he completes the program the felony will be dropped.