Carlini evaluation passes with flying colors |

Carlini evaluation passes with flying colors

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East Fork Chief Tod Carlini speaks on the Carson Valley's severe weather and how local emergency agencies dealt with it in January 2017 at the CVI Hall in Minden as Sheriff Ron Pierini looks on. A major house fire and a major flooding event served as a trial by fire for the new East Fork Fire Protection Board.
Brad Coman

High marks were the older of the day for the first public evaluation of East Fork Fire Protection District Chief Tod Carlini by the newly formed district board.

The annual evaluation was conducted in September and ratified in October by the board. The district board was formed 18 months ago when Douglas County commissioners transferred control of the district.

The evaluation was conducted in accordance to state law.

Carlini has been the District Fire Chief for the past 18 years and has served as Douglas County Emergency Manager for 11 of those year under an agreement with Douglas County.

Carlini said the single biggest objective completed during the past 18 months was establishment of the independent board of directors for the East Fork Fire Protection District and a reconstitution of the district as an independent elected entity.

“While the last several years have presented some significant challenges, with many still remaining, this past year offered some promise for a better and brighter future for the District,” Carlini said. “Despite still being revenue challenged, we continue to work to ensure a more stable financial base, yet still attempt to meet the most critical need of staffing.”

Carlini said the fire district is undergoing a significant transformation.

“We are starting to see retirements at the mid-level management and senior firefighter levels,” he said. “We are still a ‘young’ fire agency, only being around for the past 36 years. We have never really experienced the ‘retirement cycle’ and both the impacts and opportunities that will afford the District and its personnel. Each and every year seems to have its challenges.”

Carlini said that while the district is still facing fiscal challenges things appear to be turning around.

“We appear to be working our way towards much brighter times but always need to keep an eye on our financial conditions and attempt to insure financial stability and sustainability into the next decade,” he said.

Board President Bernard Curtis said there have been some huge accomplishments in the last year and nine months lead by Chief Carlini. “The District couldn’t have a better situation than they currently have.” Curtis said that he put nothing but “superior” ratings on the chief’s evaluation and complimented the Chief on his strong points and his dedication to East Fork.

“The District is where they are today because of Chief Carlini’s direction,” Director Ken Garber said.

Garber included the effort put forth with the dissolution of the North County Redevelopment Agency and the return of funds to the district and other entities in the county.

Board Secretary Barbara Griffin commended the chief’s hard work on all that has been accomplished and noted that Carlini has always been dedicated to the District and to Douglas County.

“I’m honored to serve as a member of the new board,” she said.

Director Jacques Etchegoyhen said he too was impressed with what has been accomplished and how the Chief has done this with grace and professionalism. “Chief Carlini puts his heart and soul into this organization.”

Director Steve Mihelic said he found himself in a singular position.

“I had the good fortune to work side by side with Chief Carlini as a peer when he worked for the Carson City Fire Department and now as one of his supervisors,” Mihelic said.

Mihelic complimented the chief on his ability to establish a vision and follow that vision until is succeeds. He said the effort with the RDA was outstanding and done in a very professional manner.

“His candor is excellent and he doesn’t make excuses.”

Carlini thanked the board for their comments and noted that there is still so much to do and accomplish, with staffing being a critical consideration. A list long list of accomplishments and some future objectives was also provided to the Board as well as correspondence. The Board will be holding a goal and objective setting workshop in late November.

Carlini did not seek any additional compensation beyond what other non-represented employees of the district were afforded during the budget process.