Capt. Underpants saves library puppet show |

Capt. Underpants saves library puppet show

by Sarah Hauck
Captain Underpants hosts the Douglas County Library's puppet show Thursday in Genoa.
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Children screamed and cheered as Capt. Underpants staged a food fight, launching cold spaghetti into their laps Thursday at Mormon Station State Historic Park.

As part of the Douglas County Public Library’s summer reading program, a puppet show with three hero-themed stories were acted out for more than 20 children.

“This was a very fun and easy thing for us to do,” Renee Tierney, who brought her grandsons, Clayton, 2, and Branson, 8 months, said. “He (Clayton) was just loving it. This was his first time and he was cheering and clapping along.”

Guest puppeteer and retired librarian Beth Hyland along with teen volunteers acted out “The Lion and the Mouse,” “The Rooster’s Diamond Button” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Capt. Underpants made appearances after each story to discuss with the children who they thought the bad guy and the hero were in each tale.

“His (Clayton) favorite was definitely the cow and the chicken,” Chuck Tierney said. “This was so easy. I’m not a puppet guy but they got to sit outside in the fresh air and enjoy the puppet show.”

Capt. Underpants paired up with Superman to restore order to the park between stories when his enemies Dr. Diaper flooded the boys’ bathroom with a broken washer, shooting bubbles and water into the audience, and when Professor Poopypants covered the ceiling fans in goop and then turned them on, sliming the audience with silly string.

Youth Librarian Kathy Echavarria said the puppet show was another way of introducing children to the library and characters within the books they offer, like Capt. Underpants.

“We wanted to incorporate some of the fun and modern heros of children’s literature, like Capt. Underpants,” she said. “It helps promote some of our books. We always want to encourage the kids to come in after the show and check out these books.”

Invited by Mormon Station to bring the library activity to Genoa, Echavarria said she enjoyed being able to take advantage.

“We enjoy forming these partnerships with the community,” she said. “It allows us to get more outreach into the community.”

Echavarria also praised the work of the volunteers that created the puppet stadium, the props and help in the library on a daily basis.

As Clayton glued feathers to his superhero mask after the puppet show, Renee complimented the library’s program.

“I loved the library as a child and to have something to do with the library like this is a double dip,” she said. “You can get them into reading as well as having fun.”

Echavarria has enjoyed the summer reading program’s theme, that is being celebrated nationally.

“I have always loved superheroes,” she said. “Everybody is a superhero and there is a superhero inside of everyone. This has encouraged kids to see the hero in themselves and become a hero.”

The summer reading program’s grand finalé is 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the CVIC Hall, Minden.

The Fratello Marionettes will present “Aladdin.”

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