Candy sales may have brought in $43,000 |

Candy sales may have brought in $43,000

by Merrie Leininger

Numbers reflecting the money generated by the sale of candy at this year’s Candy Dance was handed out at Tuesday night’s Genoa Town Board meeting.

The numbers compiled do not reflect the total amount of money taken in by the town during the weekend.

Approximate expenses for candy making, candy packing and candy sales are $13,000.

Candy sold before the Candy Dance weekend was $1,198. The amount of money generated by the sale of candy was $42,856.45 and post-Candy Dance money generated as of Oct. 6 is $123; coming to a total of $44,177.45

These numbers were compiled by Bev Smith, director of candy making and sales.

The town still has payments to make and bills to pay. Another source of income, the T-shirts, made more than $13,000 and are still available for sale.

“I think we did OK. We worked very hard and it was the smoothest set up I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, it rained,” said Ann Evans, town manager.

After a complaint from audience members about the declining quality of the arts and crafts, Evans said she received several letters from dealers who come every year because “it is the most quality event in the area.”

Seven hundred people applied for booths, 300 vendors were picked. Out of those, 30 or 40 were fine artists.

“We had some very unique stuff this year,” Evans said.

Rosalie Saunders, wife of board member Frank Saunders, said she talked to about 200 vendors Sunday and they were happy with the turnout despite the rain.

“They were happy. They did well. Most were prepared to at least cover their things up,” she said.

Everyone agreed a main problems is lack of volunteers.

The audience discussed how to reach to people who don’t come to the board meetings to let them know volunteers are needed.

Suggestions were starting a phone tree or getting a volunteer coordinator.

Another suggestion was a volunteer coordinator to let the town businesses know what was needed from them what was going on that weekend.

In other agenda items:

– The board decided not to hire a building inspector to look at the old fire house, the town hall and the church.

Board member Michael Miluck said he helped build the town meeting room onto the old fire house and he could answer questions about its soundness.

Evans said the remodeling will not affect any outside walls, so the integrity of the building should not be compromised.

– The board approved using the town meeting room for a literacy program.

n The board heard proposals for the annual Genoa Christmas Faire. Evans said she wants to make the event more community-oriented like it once was.

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