Candy Dance starts its second day |

Candy Dance starts its second day

by Kurt Hildebrand

One of Western Nevada’s biggest craft shows enters its second day in the state’s oldest settlement at 9 a.m.

Genoa’s Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Fair is benefiting from a warm weekend as visitors pile into the tiny town from three directions.

Visitors are urged to enter town from Genoa Lane or Foothill Road to avoid a lot of the congestion along the north entrance on Jacks Valley Road.

Paid parking is available at all three entrances, but the lot along Jacks Valley Road fills up first and stays that way for the morning. Cars park along either side of the road, making it difficult to turn around.

Visitors should also leave their pets at home. Douglas County Animal Control responded to at least three instances of animals being locked in cars on Saturday.

Candy Dance is one of the state’s oldest events founded in 1919 in order to help pay for streetlights. Originally just a dance where homemade candy was sold, the event evolved a large craft fair that occupies the entire weekend.

Genoa is located west of Highway 395 in Carson Valley, which is south of Carson Valley.