Candy Dance makes list of top craft fairs |

Candy Dance makes list of top craft fairs

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What: 2018 Candy Dance

When: Sept. 29-30

Where: Genoa


With preparations under way for Candy Dance’s 99th anniversary, town officials learned the craft fair was named No. 99 in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine for classic-contemporary craft shows.

Town Manager Phil Ritger said the ranking was based on results from 2017’s show.

“I have a feeling it is safe to say we are the smallest community to make either of their 100 Best lists,” Ritger said. “Of the 100 shows listed I think it is noteworthy that only six shows were in the West with one from Sausalito, Calif., one from Denver, three renditions of the same show in Albuquerque and ours.”

It is the only craft show in Nevada that was listed in the magazine.

The magazine bases its rankings on the most profitable art and craft festivals based on subscribers’ sales performance in 2017.

Candy Dance is Sept. 29-30 this year and in honor of the occasion, bronze medallions with the likeness of founder Lillian Virgin are available for a $20 donation to the Centennial Genoa Candy Dance Statue Project. Check the Genoa Town website,, for contact information to obtain a medallion.

Candy Dance posters featuring a painting of the town by Hans Meyer-Kassel also are on display.

Founded in 1919 as a way to pay to bring streetlights to the town not long after it lost the county seat, candy was a treat offered to dancers who also had a late supper.

The event progressed solely as a dance until the 1970s when a craft fair was implemented that ended up raising the lion’s share of the funding. About three-quarters of the town’s budget comes through booth rentals, candy sales and a dinner-dance.

Nevada’s oldest continuous settlement, Genoa was founded in 1851 as a trading post for miners on their way to the California gold fields.