Candidate files for seat |

Candidate files for seat

Staff report

A Gardnerville Ranchos resident, who was just appointed to the general improvement district’s board of trustees, has declared his candidacy for the seat.

Dennis Le Drew, who lives on Yellow Jacket Lane, was appointed May 3 to replace Victor Hyden who retired. However, because of a state law, Le Drew was required to obtain 31 signatures on a petition to put his name on the November ballot and be elected.

Douglas County Clerk/Treasurer Barbara Reed said the law states if a board vacancy occurs after the closing date for filing and before the second Tuesday in August, the seat is declared open. The seat will appear on the ballot. Reed said the law was implemented to stop people from resigning from boards right after filing closes, eliminating more appointments to public boards.

Reed said a nominating petition must have not less than 1 percent of the number of registered voters who voted for that office in the last general election. Reed said 3,074 residents cast a vote for that seat in last election, so anyone wishing to run for the seat must have at least 31 signatures on a petition. Le Drew turned in the nominating petition June 8 with 61 signatures.

Reed said anyone is welcome to collect signatures to be put on the ballot. Then the person is required to file a declaration with the county clerk’s office and has to pay a statutory filing fee of $30.