California deputies, highway patrol chase former Gardnerville man |

California deputies, highway patrol chase former Gardnerville man

Staff reports

Jack Donald Souza, 28, whose last known address was Gardnerville, led the Amador County (Calif.) Sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol on a chase after a deputy there discovered Souza was wanted by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

Souza is wanted in Carson City on a felony warrant for trafficking a controlled substance. According to Deputy Chief Bernie Curtis of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Souza was arrested in September last year in connection with trafficking methamphetamine.

After he was released on bail, he left town and a warrant was issued for him March 2 after he failed to appear at an arraignment hearing.

Curtis said the last address the CCSO has on him is on Karen Drive in Carson City.

On Monday afternoon, Souza started a high-speed chase with a deputy west of Plymouth, Calif., on Highway 16.

Once he stopped, the sheriff’s deputies, including canine units and the SWAT team, surrounded the area, but when they approached the vehicle, Souza was gone.

He is considered armed and dangerous and, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office, he told police he would not be taken alive.

Souza was arrested in Douglas County in August 1995 in connection with assault with a deadly weapon, a felony; possession of a controlled substance, a felony, carrying a concealed weapon, a gross misdemeanor, and drawing a weapon in a threatening manner, a misdemeanor.

He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of possession of a drug not lawfully introduced into interstate commerce, a misdemeanor. He was given a suspended, 60-day jail sentence on the condition he forfeit his weapon and attend counseling.

One of his conditions of probation is he must submit to search and seizure by law enforcement officers without cause.

Curtis said Souza also has an extensive criminal record with CCSO.

Anyone with information about Souza’s whereabouts may call the Amador County sheriff’s department, (209) 223-6500.