Caboose to make trip through town |

Caboose to make trip through town

staff reports

Gardnerville resident Brad Hollander says he saw a caboose in the train yard in Sparks one day and decided he wanted it.

Though that exact car ultimately wasn’t available, Hollander will be bringing home one like it on Wednesday, escorted by pace cars, cranes, large trucks and the other equipment needed to transport a 65,000 pound caboose.

“I’ve been looking for a train whistle to blow while we come through town,” Hollander says matter of factly. “Wouldn’t it be something to hear that whistle, look in your rear-view mirror and see a caboose?”

Douglas County residents can find out, if they’re on Highway 395, Toler Lane or East Valley Road between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m., which is when Hollander expects the entourage to arrive.

Hollander said the caboose will be disassembled, with the car riding separate from the wheels. Cranes will reunite the two at Hollander’s East Valley home, where he says tracks are ready and waiting in the back yard.

Hollander said his caboose was manufactured in 1972 and includes steel sides and a cupola. Its interior features a stove, sink and other original fixtures. The car was acquired from Burlington Northern and hauled recently from San Francisco.

Hollander said the caboose was given to the Valley Cruisers Car Club and he bought it from the group, but he declined to say what he paid. He says he plans to make the caboose, which will be stationary, available for school and community groups.