Business specializes in renovating buildings |

Business specializes in renovating buildings

Holly Atchison

The Minden Inn, The Farmers Bank Building and Governor’s Mansion are three historic buildings that have been renovated by Central Sierra Construction of Minden.

Currently, Central Sierra Construction is renovating the Dangberg Land and Livestock building owned by Don Bently.

Central Sierra Construction specializes in the renovation of historical buildings, said owner Bill Ramsden.

The company typically does bigger projects, such as commercial and industrial buildings.

Ramsden has been in Douglas County since 1959. He began Central Sierra Construction in 1985.

Central Sierra Construction has also renovated the Capitol Dome, Capitol Annex and the State Library buildings in Carson City and the Fourth Ward School in Virginia City.

The Minden Inn, the Farmers Bank building and the Dangberg Land and Livestock building were all designed by architect F.J. de Longchamps, who was the primary designer for the town of Minden in the early 20th century.

Ramsden was quick to say that these buildings are not being destroyed.

The preservation of historical buildings keeps the history alive while making the structures safe and modern, Ramsden said.

“I want the public to know that they’re gaining something,” he added.

As for the Dangberg Land and Livestock building, he also said, “Don Bently has a strong desire to retain and preserve these historic buildings. For about 12 to 14 years, he has been interested in the renovation of the building.”

The Dangberg Land and Livestock building renovation should be finished by Christmas and will comply with federal handicapped standards which it currently does not.