Business Council hires new executive director |

Business Council hires new executive director

by Linda Hiller

The new executive director of the Business Council of Douglas County says she is excited to become involved in the Carson Valley community.

A resident of Douglas County since 1993, Suzanne Rosevold brings a varied perspective to represent the business council’s membership.

Living at the top of Kingsbury Grade with her husband Hans for the last six years, Rosevold has seen what a no-growth policy means to a community.

“It means people have land they can’t build on for 20 years and it means stagnant job growth,” she said. “And yet, uncontrolled growth isn’t the answer – somewhere in between makes better sense.”

n Filling four-month vacancy. Rosevold will take the helm of the business council following the August departure of Fred Jones.

Council President Rudy McTee said the Business Council of Douglas County, overseeing the interest of the business community of the county since 1992, decided at that time to do a thorough search to fill the position.

“We were searching for a replacement with a lot of energy,” said McTee. “We wanted just the right person.”

According to McTee, the search for an executive director was concurrent with new directions for the organization and its focus on key issues facing Douglas County.

“The Board of Directors has identified two of the major issues we must address over the coming years – community infrastructure and transportation,” McTee said. “This includes issues related to how services are presently provided to county residents through general improvement districts, and how our network of roads and transportation should be improved to handle our needs more adequately and efficiently.”

In addition to facilitating potential grants to help fund the council’s research and educational work subjects relevant to business in the county, Rosevold will be concentrating on growing the membership of the invitation-only business council beyond its current 40 members.

n Her business background. Rosevold, 46, has worked in real estate at Lake Tahoe and more recently was vice president of compliance for Bingo Card Minder, a Lake-based company that helped to introduce new technology into the bingo industry.

Because that business eventually required regulation and licensing, due to its connection to the gaming industry, she traveled extensively, speaking before senate hearings and working with attorneys to get the item through the process.

“I ended up working with 26 different legal entities,” she said. “I am excited about what I did for that company and I really feel that entire experience will help me in working for the business council.”

n Washington native. Rosevold is a native of Walla Walla, Washington, and she and Hans met while singing in the Sacramento Symphony Chorus and hope to find a vocal group here to participate in. They have six children and five grandchildren between them.

Rosevold said that although she technically lives at the Lake, her love for the Carson Valley will be evident as she works here.

“This is an incredible place,” she said. “We have always loved coming here. My husband Hans has been a ski instructor at Heavenly for several years, and we always love looking over at the Carson Valley. I feel like I’m home when I’m here.”

For more information, call 782-6715 or e-mail Rosevold at