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Burglar sent to prison after boot camp failure

by Sheila Gardner

Three days before he was to graduate from a prison “boot camp,” Jakob Green was kicked out for allegedly stealing food.

As a result, District Judge Michael Gibbons sentenced the 22-year-old man to up to four years in Nevada State Prison for his part in a series of burglaries at Topaz Ranch Estates.

Gibbons gave Green credit for 294 days in custody, and said he must serve a minimum of 12 months before he is eligible for parole.

Green’s lawyer, Derrick Lopez, said his client had done well in the Department of Corrections regimental discipline program, and he didn’t believe the allegation was accurate.

According to the camp, Green earned the privilege of watching a football game on Oct. 16. He reportedly was caught with the contents of a “meals ready to eat” and was charged by the camp with stealing.

“They were allowed to watch football,” Lopez said. “Somebody had an MRE and divided it and provided some to Mr. Green. It was something that was viewed as theft. Mr. Green didn’t steal it, but he took a share in it.”

Green and codefendant Adam Westmark were sentenced in April to the discipline program designed to keep youthful offenders out of prison. Westmark reportedly completed the program.

A third defendant, James DeLima, was sent to prison for a probation violation.

Westmark, 21, of Topaz Ranch Estates, and Green, of Gardnerville, each pleaded guilty to burglary, admitting they took tools and other items from residences in Topaz Ranch Estates and the TRE general improvement district.

At the time of the burglaries late last year, Green was on probation for an offense in Lyon County.

Green and Westmark were suspects in one business and four residential burglaries in the TRE area in December and January. Between $15,000-$20,000 in stolen tools and miscellaneous items were recovered.

Investigators recovered a wood splitter, plasma cutter, a water pump that belonged to Topaz Ranch Estates General Improvement District, DVDs and other tools.

Gibbons ordered Green to return to court on the first Monday after his release to set up restitution which totals $892. He and Westmark are both responsible.