Building a loop road at Stateline just one choice |

Building a loop road at Stateline just one choice

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Among the five alternatives for plans to route Highway 50 around Stateline, only two would actually create a loop road around the casino corridor.

Alternatives ranging from doing nothing to building a pedestrian mall above the highway were advanced for environmental analysis, according to a statement released by the Tahoe Transportation District on Friday.

“We made the recommendation to ensure a range of options are thoroughly examined for the greater benefit to the community while providing an opportunity for contrast,” said Project Engineer Mark Rayback. “Additional alternatives resulted from the public outreach process and need to be reviewed to meet environmental safety and economic goals before a decision on the project can be made.”

Existing Highway 50 within the project area is about 1.1 miles long and stretches from Pioneer Trail in California to Lake Parkway in Nevada.

Two of the proposed alternatives include the reclassification of the existing highway from a federal highway to a local street along its present route. The highway would be realigned outside of the commercial core.

South Lake Tahoe residents have opposed plans to realign the highway.

This would allow for local area control and the development of a “main street” district, officials said. The project proposes to construct the infrastructure necessary to facilitate the development of main street district within the public right of way. The project would address traffic and allow for complete street improvements to provide the public with alternatives to driving.

The alternatives include:

■ Realigning Highway 50 around the Stateline casino corridor between Lake Parkway and a location southwest of Pioneer Trail. The existing alignment would become a local street.

■ Moving the intersection of Pioneer Trail and Highway 50 further southwest than proposed in the previous alternative.

■ Moving the intersection further southwest and converting the two lanes through the casino corridor to one-way eastbound while the mountain-side alignment would be two lanes one way westbound. The eastbound lanes would be designated Highway 50.

■ Building an elevated concrete decked pedestrian mall above the existing Highway 50 from the state line to the eastern entrance of the Horizon and Mont Bleu.

Completion of environmental analysis and the project approval is needed to fund the next phase of development for the US 50/South Shore Community Revitalization Project, officials said.