Brothers accused of graffiti |

Brothers accused of graffiti

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A 19-year-old Indian Hills resident and his younger brother are facing charges in connection with several incidents of graffiti in their neighborhood and the shopping centers in north Douglas County.

Lukasz Sznytzer has been charged with placing graffiti or otherwise defacing property at the James Lee Park skate park which caused $1,000 damage, according to reports.

He is set for a Dec. 19 appearance in East Fork Justice Court.

His lawyer, Derrick Lopez, told Judge Pro Tem Paul Gilbert on Wednesday that he was working toward resolution of the case with the district attorney’s office.

Gilbert released Sznytzer on his own recognizance from Douglas County Jail and placed him on house arrest under the Department of Adult Supervision.

He told Sznytzer he must refrain from drugs and alcohol and remove all indicators of graffiti – including spray paint and markers – from his residence.

“If you have any spray paint at the house, it needs to go,” Gilbert said.

Sznytzer’s younger brother is facing prosecution in juvenile court.

According to investigator’s records, the juvenile was accused of defacing a rest room at Chili’s restaurant where he is an employee.

In investigating the allegation, deputies searched the suspects’ residence and discovered 100 markers, a graffiti book, drawings, paper with graffiti-style writing, a graffiti portfolio and other items which tied the restaurant incident to the suspects.

Authorities believe the brothers are suspects in at least 10 incidents.

According to reports, the juvenile admitted the Chili’s vandalism and Sznytzer admitted spray painting James Lee Park and a pathway behind his house.

— A 27-year-old Gardnerville woman received a suspended 30-day jail sentence Wednesday after she pleaded guilty for disorderly conduct, admitting she threw a half-eaten hamburger at a woman in a confrontation over shopping carts.

East Fork Judge Pro Tem Paul Gilbert told Shauna Blumenthal she was fortunate the situation didn’t escalate.

“This could have escalated so much further,” Gilbert said. “You could have been shot. You really put yourself in jeopardy and put the victim in jeopardy.”

He ordered Blumenthal to attend 26 weeks of counseling and abstain from drugs and alcohol for one year.

The victim attended the sentencing and said she agreed with the recommendation.

“I think she’s been through enough,” the woman said. “Anger management is where she belongs.”

Prosecutor Kris Brown said the incident was unprovoked.

“These are two women who don’t know each other. There was no damage to her car. The defendant confronted the victim at the driver’s side window and was yelling at her, spitting hamburger, at her. It all happened in front of their three small children who were in her car and very upset.”

Blumenthal said she became angry when she claimed the victim struck a vehicle in the Wal-Mart parking lot with her shopping cart.

“I took it upon myself to say something. I put carts behind her car. I didn’t like what she said to me. I was also eating my hamburger and then I threw a hamburger at her.”

— Vandals removed or broke 200 light bulbs from the Christmas display at the Minden gazebo.

The damage was discovered after the Thanksgiving weekend.

According to reports, it will cost $200 to replace the bulbs.

— The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reported 20 contacts for domestic violence Nov. 21-27.

There were nine verbal domestics, five arrests for domestic battery, and six referrals to the district attorney’s office for review for battery and a violation of a temporary protection order.

Six juveniles witnessed domestic violence.

The Family Support Council submitted four requests to East Fork Justice Court for temporary restraining orders with two approvals and two denials.

Connie Richardson, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office domestic violence prevention coordinator, said the average range for this time of year is 16-22 per week for adult contacts and 9-11 per week for juveniles witnessing domestic violence.