Brookdale Senior Living residents receive Christmas surprise |

Brookdale Senior Living residents receive Christmas surprise

by Rachel Spacek
Brookdale Senior Living resident Juanita Giron is all smiles after receiving stuffed animals from The Record-Courier and American Title employees Friday in Gardnerville.
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“I will remember this for the rest of my life,” said Annette, a resident at the memory care community at Brookdale Senior Living in Gardnerville. On Friday, The Record-Courier and First American Title Insurance donated slippers, socks, stuffed animals, robes and blankets to the memory care community at Brookdale. The groups teamed up to provide Christmas gifts to the 24 individuals in the unit.

First American Title Insurance director, Mary Kelsh was one of the organizers of the donation. Kelsh said her mother died of Alzhiemers, so the memory care community is close to her heart.

Kelsh, who took care of her mother during her battle with Alzhiemers, said she has a lot of appreciation for the caregivers, as it takes a lot to be able to work with memory care residents.

“Everyone remembers the children during the holidays, but elderly [residents] are often forgotten,” Kelsh said.

Kelsh said despite the busy time of the year, she thought it was very important to take the time to make the donation.

“It is the simple things that they absolutely love,” Kelsh said.

Kelsh said donating to the residents was true to her heart.

One memory care resident, Juanita said she was “full of thankfulness” about the gifts and was very excited and surprised by receiving them.

“It was a very good Christmas surprise and this doesn’t happen to us everyday,” said Anette.

Kendra Short, director of the Memory Care Community at Brookdale said the residents were thrilled to have the gifts.

“There were so many smiles,” said Short. “Everyone was so happy and I’ve seen more people smile than I’ve seen ever.”

R-C Publisher Pat Bridges said the event was a good reminder that Christmas is for everyone.