Bridges up for state work next year |

Bridges up for state work next year

Muller Lane stops at a dead end just past Monte Vista Avenue in Minden.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

A 70-year-old Muller Lane bridge over the West Fork of the Carson River will be replaced more than a decade after it was found to be structurally deficient.

Bridge B-474 is the second bridge east of Foothill Road. Its substrate was found to be poor in September 2006, according to the National Bridge Inventory.

Flooding over the years has undermined the bank protection and damaged the river control, with large deposits of debris in the channel.

The state has set aside $1.4 million to renovate the bridge.

The West Fork bridge isn’t the only highway crossing the state has planned for work during fiscal year 2018, which starts Oct. 1.

The box culverts that carry Martin Slough under Highway 395 north of Minden are scheduled to be improved at a cost of $2.7 million.

The culverts will allow a 100-year flood to pass under the highway without closing it.

The highway dams the floodwaters east of the highway now, which can lead to flooding just south of Muller Lane.

The state is spending $1.6 million to widen Centerville Lane between Highway 395 and Waterloo Lane near Lampe Park.

Bike lanes and sidewalks will cross the Cottonwood Slough as part of the project, according to state transportation spokeswoman Meg Ragonese.

“Ultimately, the project will enhance traffic mobility and safety on approximately one and a quarter miles of Centerville Lane,” she said.

The road improvements are funded by local funds and through the federally-funded Transportation Alternatives Program aimed at improving non-motorized mobility, historic preservation for transportation-related projects and more.