Boy suspended for carrying knife to school |

Boy suspended for carrying knife to school

by Scott Murphy

A 12-year-old Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School boy has been suspended for taking a knife to school.

The incident happened Tuesday, five days after a Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School girl was suspended for 10 days for compiling what authorities have described as a hit list. No hearing has been set in the matter and it is unknown if she has been charged.

The boy allegedly took a 3-inch knife to school on Tuesday in anticipation of a possible fight with a 13-year-old boy, said Douglas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Lance Modispacher.

The boy was suspended for an undetermined number of days pending a hearing with his parents before the Douglas County school board, said Pau-Wa-Lu Principal Robbin Pedrett.

It’s unknown if the boy has been charged.

The knife was discovered Tuesday at 9:25 a.m. when a 13-year-old student told a school counselor the 6th-grade boy had a knife.

The boy, who lives in the Gardnerville Ranchos, was arrested following the incident, Modispacher said.

In the days before the incident, there was a “name-calling situation” between the two boys, Modispacher added. There had been minor pushing and the boys had thrown hats at each other.

The alleged victim told the school counselor the 6th grader “‘brought a knife to school to stab him,'” Modispacher said.

The suspect told deputies he wanted the knife in case the 13-year-old tried to fight him, Modispacher said.

“It appears the suspect was scared of the victim,” he said. “He brought the knife to school to protect himself. He was afraid of him and was only going to use it if a fight started.”

The boy was taken to the Douglas County Juvenile Probation Office.

Pedrett said “a heightened awareness” exists among students, faculty and the press because of recent school shootings near San Diego, Calif.

“Because of Santee, everybody’s more aware of it,” Pedrett said. “I’m happy they’re turning them in, but we wish it would go away.”

She added that children bringing knives to school is not new.

However, Pedrett is glad the boy was reported before the situation escalated.