Boy denies harassment allegation |

Boy denies harassment allegation

Staff report

During a hearing Monday in District Court, Daniel Torok-Ohlin, 17, denied harassment charges filed against him after a fellow Douglas High School student reported Daniel was making threatening comments in the school.

On May 3, attorney Mark Jackson said that Torok-Ohlin denied making the comments, but was planning on admitting to the charges anyway. Jackson said he would like more time to explain the full consequences of a guilty plea to his client.

Deputy District Attorney Derrick Lopez said Monday the state would be dropping the disorderly conduct charges, which stemmed from an incident at Torok-Ohlin’s home.

A fact-finding hearing was set July 8, when witnesses will testify to what they hear. Attorneys said they anticipate the hearing will take all day.

An alternate date was set for June 23. If another case set for that day is canceled, Torok-Ohlin’s hearing will be held.

Jackson said Torok-Ohlin has been allowed back in school after being suspended for about three weeks, after he signed a contract with the school promising not to threaten or harass anyone.

Judge Michael Gibbons said Torok-Ohlin was to remain on house arrest, but juvenile probation has the authority to remove the restrictions if they see fit.

Torok-Ohlin, who has no prior juvenile record, allegedly made threats and acted like he was shooting people with his finger at school during the same week of the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo.