Boy called in bomb threat at DHS to get a day off from school |

Boy called in bomb threat at DHS to get a day off from school

by Sharon Carter

A 15-year-old Douglas High School student admitted Tuesday he had called 911 just before school lunch break on Sept. 24 and told a dispatcher there was a bomb at the school.

James David White, who lives in the Johnson Lane area of the North County, said he made the false report because he had wanted the day off.

“I just wanted a day off, so I went to the school pay phone and called 911 and told them there was a bomb in the building,” White told District Judge David. R. Gamble during juvenile court.

White’s goal of having time off from school was not realized. The building was searched during the lunch period and classes resumed only about 10 minutes later than usual.

n Recognized his voice. White said his juvenile probation officer, Doug Albertson, had recognized his voice on the dispatch tape and called him on it, playing the tape over and over until he admitted the misdeed.

“Eventually I coughed myself up,” White said.

Gamble set Oct. 27 for disposition of the case. White faces a maximum penalty of commitment to the Nevada Youth Training Center in Elko. An adult convicted of making a bogus 911 call, which is a misdemeanor, would face a maximum penalty of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Gamble ordered White to remain in juvenile detention until Friday, when according to Albertson, school officials will reportedly have a counselor in place for White to report to.

Douglas High School Principal Bev Jeans said Tuesday she could neither confirm nor deny that information due to student confidentiality issues.

Jeans said making a phony emergency report is not on the federal list of offenses for which a student may be expelled from school. However, she said, any principal may suspend a student for up to 10 days.

“We’re moving forward to meet James’ educational needs,” Jeans said.

After Friday and until his disposition hearing, White, who assured Gamble he could and would behave properly both at home and at school, will be on house arrest.

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