Boy back in Carson City detention |

Boy back in Carson City detention

by Merrie Leininger

The boy who escaped from China Spring Youth Camp Tuesday afternoon was in court Thursday in Carson City.

His name and information about the hearing was unavailable.

Tom Umphries, program manager of China Spring, said the 17-year-old was from Carson City and was being held in the juvenile detention center there for the time being.

Umphries said the boy was in China Springs after violating his probation.

He said the camp has carried on as usual since the incident.

“We continue to operate as we have. This is an unusual event, but everybody’s fine,” he said.

The boy walked away during the school day at 11:15 a.m., but was caught by China Spring officials immediately. He again walked away at 12:50 p.m.

That time, he managed to get about two miles away from the camp, requiring youth camp officials, Douglas County Sheriff’s officers and Search and Rescue volunteers to search the area around the power dam and the Carson River for three hours.

Umphries said the camp is run on discipline and an honor code. Students are not locked up and the facility is not enclosed.

He said someone attempted an escape the last time about a year ago.

“It’s not very common. If they have to be away from home, we try to make it very positive,” he said.

Umphries said one of the camp’s shift supervisors, Dana Monson, had to be taken away from the search site by search and rescue personnel when he became exhausted.

“It was an extremely hot day and he has hypoglycemia. He was exerting a lot of energy and became exhausted and wasn’t able to continue. Search and rescue used a raft to pick him up,” he said.

Dick Mirgon of Douglas County Emergency Management said they called in a helicopter from the Fallon Naval Air Station before they decided to use a boat.