Boy arrested for wearing baggy clothes |

Boy arrested for wearing baggy clothes

Michael Schneider

A 14-year-old boy whom District Judge Dave Gamble ordered not to wear baggy clothing after confiscating his wardrobe, appeared for a detention hearing Tuesday after he was arrested for wearing borrowed baggy clothes.

Kalen Jim appeared before Gamble to admit he wore baggy shorts that he borrowed from a friend.

“I only have two pairs of (non-baggy) pants,” said Jim. “I can’t keep washing them over and over every two days.”

“Did you borrow them because you wanted baggy clothes?” asked Gamble.

Jim again reiterated his lack of clothes after most of his wardrobe was confiscated by Gamble.

“Where did you get the jeans you’re wearing?” asked Gamble.

“From the detention center,” answered Jim.

“Oh,” said Gamble. “I thought I had him there.”

Jim appeared before Gamble on April 29 for disposition on a charges of disorderly conduct. At that hearing Gamble noted inconsistencies with Jim’s predisposition letter compared with his general attitude.

At that hearing, Jim appeared in a very large white T-shirt and a baggy pair of jean shorts.

“You have all Fs and one D, but there are zero misspelled words in this letter,” said Gamble at the April hearing. “You need to quit acting like a hoodlum and quit dressing like a buffoon.”

Gamble then ordered Jim not to wear any baggy clothes as part of his probation. After the hearing, it was brought to Gamble’s attention that Jim was complaining to his grandfather about not wearing the clothes so Gamble recalled Jim and ordered the clothes confiscated.

Since that hearing, Gamble said, Jim has been kicked out of school.

Jim, who has been in the detention center in Carson City since his arrest Thursday, will remain there until he appears before Gamble again May 27 for a petition reading.

At that time it is likely he will be charged with a probation violation for wearing baggy clothes as well as other charges not elaborated upon in court yesterday.

“He may have violated two or three things he was told not to do,” said Gamble.